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Vote for a 1948 M-38A1? I can’t do it!


The Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union is sponsoring a 2009 Woodward Dream Cruise Calender Contest, along with the Oakland Press, The Macomb Daily and Daily Tribune.  As a part of this contest, the group has developed a website where readers can vote for the cars they want to see on the new Calendar.

A reader pointed to this contest out to me via a craigslist ad.  The Ad shows a Willys Jeep and asks people to vote for the jeep.  So far, so good.  I’m into it.

I’m ready to launch a grassroots campaign.  I’ll encourage, prod and poke people to cast their votes for the jeep.  We can do it.  We can get it on the calendar.

My hopes high, I go to the actual contest.  I view the approved list of 72 vehicles.  Cool, lots of nice vehicles.

But then, I spot the jeep.  It’s listed as a 1948 M-38A1.  It’s such a classic, that it was never produced!  How can this be?  Oh the horror!  I mean, this isn’t just some kind of incorrect listing of a jeep for sale; instead, it is supposed to be a list of classic cars.

Well, I just can’t support that.  So, until the correct model gets listed, I can’t vote for it.



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