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1942 MB Flagstaff, Az eBay


This seller makes a valiant attempt to disclose all that is wrong with this jeep.  How about those ‘hood blocks’?

“Up today is a 1942 Willys MB Jeep.This was a BUBBA special,You know BUBBA dont you? He puts the wrong tub on the Jeep,Then to add insult to injury he puts a big roll bar and the standard do not fit junk bucket seats and there you go. Well the roll bar and the seats were the first to go.Here is what you have. The parts that are mb are as follows.Frame with MB tag and s/n,Front fenders,grill hood front axle. What is cj are the tub and engine and the rear end. I do not know about the trans if it is mb of cj.Eng runs pretty good and has good oil pressure,It does smoke a little. The 4 wheel drive seems to work ok in the high and low range ….”

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