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1963? DJ-3A Surrey? Rising Fawn, Ga eBay


I’m not sure if this is actually a Surrey or not, but it’s definitely a 2 Wheel Drive DJ-3A.

“Up for bid is a Surrey Gala pink Willys Jeep. I do not know an exact year the Jeep was made (the year I put above was a guess). The Jeep was painted over but there is still lots of pink showing all over. The Jeep runs. Carburetor needs rebuilding it runs way to rich and leaks gas. The gas tank has rust in it and clogs up fuel filters. Column shifter is broken at top of shift handle. I have been shifting with vice grips, transmission shifts good and appears to have had been rebuilt, dope looks brand new and case has been cleaned to bare metal. Seat frames are very solid and springs seem in very good shape, steering wheel has some cracks in it. The windshield glass is broken and the windshield frame is very solid but it has some rust spots, the hood hinge was broken and somebody put screws in it. Bowl for air filter is missing. A hole for a radio was cut into dash. The body tub only has two holes rusted through, one on the right side at the body support above the fender step and the left side at top of wheelwell underneath a roll bar that was in it…. ”

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