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My Build: Headlight Rebuild


One of the projects I have been putting off is the rebuild of my headlight containers.  The headlight directional adjustment pieces were made of plastic. Two of the four had already broken, so I knew I’d have to fix them eventually.

After pondering the situation, I chose to remove the existing directional adjusters off the CJ-3A headlight containters I had.  I really hate damaging these original pieces, however I also knew that the oldsmobile units I use are even harder to find.

Here’s what the original headlight adjusters looked like:


Here’s a closeup of the plastic piece (out of focus):


Here’s the ‘new’ piece that has been cut down so that it will fit (another beautiful pic .. not)


Here are the pieces riveted onto the headlight container.  One more rivet to go.  You can see the old, (blurry) rivets just underneath the new pieces.  Once these were installed, I painted them and put everything back together.



One comment on “My Build: Headlight Rebuild

  1. Dan

    I had to rebuild mine as well. Besides being squished from the battery coming loose, one of the square plastic nuts was missing. I made a new square nut from steel. I just drilled and taped a hole in a piece of plate and then ground it to the correct size and shape. I slid the new nut into the holder and gave the metal tabs a crimp with a pair of stout pliers. It worked well. If I find it wanting to vibrate loose, I’ll put a little purple Locktite on it.

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