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Extended GPW — One of Jim’s old GPWs


Jim and I had a few email exchanges about the extended flatties.  After a little searching, he came up with these pics of a 1942 GPW that someone expanded and that Jim owned for a short time.  It appears the builder was going to extend the front, though that looks pretty scary!

More discussion on extended jeeps tomorrow or friday.





3 Comments on “Extended GPW — One of Jim’s old GPWs

  1. Steve

    From the cj3b site:

    Long Wheelbase Jeeps
    The long-wheelbase CJ-3BL is not commonly seen in Australia today, and it is unclear how many of the 1000 3B’s listed in the records from the factory had the longer frame. Chris Waters saw this nice example in September 2008 at a Jeep Jamboree. It is unlikely that the longer frame was part of any of the CKD CJ-3B kits shipped from Willys in Toledo, who never built an LWB version for the domestic U.S. market.

    Vaughn Becker comments, “My son has a CJ-3BL (120K JPEG) which is the same as the short wheelbase with 20″ added into the chassis and body. I have only seen one other.” See also a photo of the frame (80K JPEG).

    Paul Rundel photographed this CJ-6 located in Queensland. It has a Willys CJ-5 serial number (57548 69723/71) but is actually a CJ-6 according to both the tub and chassis dimensions, and the Willys Australia tag in the engine compartment which states “CJ6 1171”. See also a front view photo (70K JPEG).

    Apparently Jeeps shipped as CJ-5’s were also lengthened in Australia, like the CJ-3B’s. It has been suggested this was to save shipping costs, although that isn’t completely convincing.

  2. Hog

    I’m building a 4inch longer Cj3b(59 body) using a Cj-5 frame (74 frame) Its was done by adding 4 inchs in the door area ,, Gives a big guy like me a little room for my legs,,

  3. deilers

    If you got them, send some pics of your redesign. I’m sure readers would be interested!


    – Dave

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