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1965 CJ-3B Uvalde, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

The trailer and winch come with the jeep ….. I saw this ad and immediately knew this was from Texas.  Can you name the tell-tale sign it’s from Texas?  I’m just fascinated that I’ve only seen jeeps for sale with the back seat mod in Texas.  I guess I need to spend some time down there to see exactly what people are looking at from up there.

“I have owned this Jeep since 1994 and have taken good care of it, keeping the oil changed and keeping it greased and tuned up. Has good AT tires, fairly new paint and the Jeep comes with an 8 foot hunting high rack, rack can be easily removed. Comes with a cable remote control Warn Electric Winch. Manual lockout 4×4 wheels, the head lights and horn works. It is not street legal, was legal about 5 years ago. The seat covers needs to be replaced. I have had the Jeep up in the high hills of the Texas Hill Country, no rust and not used a lot over the last few years because of less demand for 4 wheel drive on the ranch we were on. We run a game hunting operation and need room for 4 or 5 hunters at a time to be put out for hunts. Not much wrong with the Jeep, just don’t need it that much anymore. Couple hundred bucks and a lot of work could make this one street legal again. This one is fun to drive and very dependable….”



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