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Builds: Smitty’s 1959 CJ-5 “Tinker Bell”


smittys_willysAs a part of Crystal Tours, Tinker Bell is one of the official tour jeeps.  Restored a couple years ago, Smitty documented some of his efforts.  Smitty has restored several jeeps and operates Smittys Willys Online, where he writes about his restorations, his trips and restoration advice.  Below is some info about his CJ-5 rebuild, but he also has a 1954 CJ-3B and a 1964 CJ-6 he has or is rebuilding.

On his website about the CJ-5 he writes, “The restoration work was started in August 2005 and substantially completed nine-months later in May.  During that period seven-months labor and about $4,500.00 in parts and material was devoted to this restoration.  The job took longer than expected due to the deteriorated condition of the body, and me — relearning the restoration trade and techniques, and reading everything available dealing with old Jeeps and their restoration.  This Jeep is a RESTO-MOD.  It’s a stock chassis and drive-train with minor modifications in the electrical, brake system and body….”



2 Comments on “Builds: Smitty’s 1959 CJ-5 “Tinker Bell”

  1. Jim Boswell

    very nice! I love early civie CJ5s, think they are some of the best early 4x4s ever, very drivable, very usable and because they haven’t really “caught on” yet with collectors outside the jeep world, can still be bought and built cheap. Nice work man, love the old school appeal!

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