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Willys Jeep Heater **SOLD**


heater1UPDATE: Mike has informed me that this sold.  I”ll leave this here so the comment thread stays intact.

Mike writes, “It has a new 12 volt motor with a core that was fixed at a shop.  It is nice not rusted or beat up.”



7 Comments on “Willys Jeep Heater **SOLD**

  1. TARDAT ERic

    Hello..I’m Eric from France and would be interested by a similar heater..if yours is already it? or could you tell me where I could find any heater like this one..even if its a 6 volts model…Thank you for your answer..even negative!..
    TARDAT Eric
    49 route de Marsat
    63530 Volvic

  2. deilers

    Hi Eric,

    I run across heaters every now and then during my searches. What kind of jeep do you have? Are you seeking the exact model shown above?


    – Dave

  3. TARDAT Eric

    Hello deilers!..well..mine is a GPW jeep serial number GPW 70977 6 volts dated from 10 7 42..and as I use this vehicule – fully restored – regularly..that’s why I wanted to add one heater!..because in my’s a little bit cold! unfortunatly..if you can find every kid of spare parts for this vehicule most of the time..I was unable to find one heater until now!..

  4. TARDAT Eric

    But for sure…the model shown above seems similar to the WWII model!..I think that I will only have to bring some minor modifications to change it to 6 volt, and to install it at the place of the first aid kit, under the dash board..but this one could be allright!

  5. deilers

    I’ll contact Mike and see if he still has the heater. If not, I’ll do a couple searches to see what I can find.

    = Dave

  6. TARDAT Eric

    Thank you very much Dave!’s very kind of you!!
    Waiting for news from you! See you!

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