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Buick v6 question … Optimal oil pressure?


UPDATE: I had installed this adjustable pressure regulator from TA performance when I built the engine.  Today I attempted to adjust the regulator to lower my pressure, but it was already adjusted as far out as I could adjust it.  So, took it out and replaced it with the original stock spring and plug.  Sure enough, the pressure dropped to 50psi on idle, though it still climbs to 70psi when revving the engine.

Maybe this is related to all buicks and not just the buick v6?? I’m wondering if my oil pressure is too high, which is causing a couple problems, such as oil dripping out the dipstick hole where the dipstick meets the block.

It seems to me my that on my old 225 odd fire, the pressure was around 40psi and would drop as I accelerated (which was a problem, that finally resolved itself when my engine blew up after about 3 years of good use).

Now, it sticks solidly at 70psi and that’s without a high volume oil pump.  I have a concern that the oil will be spraying rather than dribbling out the mains, which might cause some problems as well? (I read that somewhere)  I can resolved the problem easily by putting  weaker spring in .. I should have one somewhere.

Any thoughts?  I tried to find something on the internet.  The only think I found was that a normal 225 v6 runs about 40psi.

– Dave


3 Comments on “Buick v6 question … Optimal oil pressure?

  1. mike

    what weight oil are you running.chech the manual and see. the thicker the oil the more the presure.or if you have to much oil in it?.

  2. deilers

    The oil level is where it should be. I believe I’m running 10-40w, but I’ll hav e to double check to be sure.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    I updated this post. My oil level is actually a tiny bit low. I was able to drop the pressure by installing the old spring and cap.

    – D

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