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1951 CJ-3A Santee, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500

Between the PTO Winch, the rims, the windshield – glass -wipers, there appears to be plenty of value here.

“1951 CJ3A Willys Jeep, 6 cylinder,PTO winch, Aluminum rims, Needs lots of work.”



10 Comments on “1951 CJ-3A Santee, CA **SOLD**

  1. deilers

    I can’t swear to it being a GM column (though that would be my guess), but it’s definitely been updated.

    – Dave

  2. Profgrif

    That’s what I thought too, I spoke to this guy today and am going over there 1st thing in the morning, more than likely will be dragging it home and set it next to my 48 CJ2A, The wife likes my 48 and I may be able to get her to let me keep this one too! I am super excited


  3. deilers

    Good deal. There’s certainly some value there, though “dragging it home” is probably not an understatement. Feel free to report on what you find. I’d like to hear about it.

    – Dave

  4. Profgrif

    i sure will!
    I am new to this site, it looks like there are some good people on here, When I get the 48 done i will post some pics of that too!

  5. deilers

    Great, I’m glad to here the positive feedback .. I always like pics, but even more important I enjoy sharing the stories of learning, adventure and misadventure and that can happen to people whether they have $20k jeeps or $1k jeeps, whether they are adding stainless parts or working with JB Weld to fix a leak.

    – Dave

  6. Profgrif

    Yeah, I hear that, The 48 is my 1st Jeep ever, Just bought it last month, it is very rough, haven’t even started working on it yet, I have a a Sand car in my garage now, as soon as that sells the 48 is coming in that same day! , I fell in love with these Flat Fenders about 6 months ago, there is something about them I just love! I will probably become a regular on this forum once the Jeep gets in the garage! The neighbors are going to love me tomorrow with 2 of these in my driveway! HaHa

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