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Dennis’ Hand Crank Heater 796-A by Stewart Warner

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UPDATE:  Dennis has added a picture of the original Heater Hose

Dennis reports this is a picture of his “heater muffler flex hose (looks the same as in ad).  The handle is from an old gas can and a tea kettle.  The holders are from Satellite dishes from the dump (I also salvage the stainless steel nuts and bolts). ”  Now, that’s some creativity!


More links: (Dennis’ night image) & (Original post on the handcrank heater)

This post has pictures of the Hand Crank 796-A Stewart Warner Heater from Dennis and Brent.

Dennis pics:






Here’s an idea of the size:


Brent’s Images:





As I noted in an earlier post, Joshua showed me a hand crank heater first used during wwII that he found. Another reader, Dennis, just received a hand crank heater of the same type. According to the Joshua, that makes only 3 of these that he knows about (the third being in Nampa, Id, Warhawk Museum — the museum also has a nicely restored MB and M-38). If anyone has any information about these, we’d like to learn more.


7 Comments on “Dennis’ Hand Crank Heater 796-A by Stewart Warner

  1. Mark

    Dennis thank you for the information .. my heater should arrive this week and i will fabricate a hose as soon as it arrives. According to the party I purchased it from, the heater last ran a year ago .. from all that I have read they are faily simple and with a little maintenance I should be able to have her in running condition .. it will be a nice addition to my half-track display.

  2. Mark

    Dennis 1 quick question .. on the lower data plate (Crank Side) I see a reference made to a Stewart Warner Maintenance and Service Manual… but I am unable to see the manual number… can you provide those numbers/letters to me? Thank You

  3. Cliff Shelton

    Hi, I live up in Wis. and was out in the family barn looking for a sewer snake to fix a pluged toilet, when i mistakenly grabbed this hand crank heater! confused as to what it was I’ve been looking on-line for information about it. thanks for your posts.

  4. mmdeilers Post author


    I’m glad these posts were useful. That’s the reason I have them here, because everyone who encounters this item wonders what the heck it is.

    – Dave

  5. David Eilers

    Hi Hans,

    Thanks for the note. Here’s a different model also made by Southwind. I wasn’t aware Southwind made the above version. Can you send me a couple pics to I’ll add them to this page. Thanks!

    – Dave

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