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Builds: Trevor’s Old School CJ-2A

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I gotta say I like this jeep.  There’s enough old school stuff to make me smile.  Check out the battery, the roll cage, the art on the back, the dashboard, the gauges, the gas pedal … I could go on.

The owner of this jeep is 16 year old Trevor, who inherited it from his father.  Trevor’s going to make some updates to this jeep, such as adding power steering.  He asked for some advice regarding steering so naturally I asked for pictures.

Trevor wrote, “thanks so much for your time and advice! it really means a lot to me cause i wanna get this thing out on the trails like my dad did back in day.”













7 Comments on “Builds: Trevor’s Old School CJ-2A

  1. Trevor Perry

    Thanks for the post! yeah, it’s probably going to be a little while before i get to the power steering, right now, i’m busy with school and my step dad is busy with work, i just need to focus on getting it street legal haha. today i’m gonna go get some side mirror’s (thats even if i need them cause the jeep grandfathered in). then i’m gonna order some motor wiper blades. i also gotta see if the speedo still works cause last time i ran it i don’t believe it worked, but i have a feeling it’s disconnected.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    yw … After breaking two cables with my last jeep, I gave up and just used my tachometer to gauge my speed. I’m hoping this speedometer arrangement works better. I was hoping to find an electronic one, but couldn’t seem to locate something that plugs into the dana 20 speedometer hole.

  3. deilers

    HI Trevor,

    My first question would be what’s the purpose of the lift?

    Will it be too top heavy? Again, depends on what you want to do with it. I think it is more accurate to say it would be MORE top heavy, but hard to say if it would be TOO top heavy.

    You should be fine rising a couple inches, but as you got up, you have to look at the effects on the shocks (are the long enough), the steering mechanism (is the angle too big), the brake lines (are the flexible lines long enough) and the drive lines (is there enough length to handle the rise).

    I hope that helps. Feel free to ask any questions.

    – Dave

  4. Trevor Perry

    Thanks for the info! yeah i have other priorities right now besides for a lift, lifting is probably my last, i still need to order my darn winshield wipers. but if i have the money i thought i might put one on just for show.

    Thanks again, Trevor

  5. deilers

    The good news is you have a great show already. I’d take some time just to clean it up. Take off and repaint items that appear rusty. All those little things can be done inexpensively and will add some “bling” 🙂

    = D

  6. Trevor Perry

    yeah i know i guy who reholposters seats for cheap and does a reallly good quality job.

    List of things i want done in order

    1) Windshield wipers
    2) Side mirrors
    3) Reholpster seats
    4) Power steering
    5) Maybe some KC lights or just off road lights
    6) lift kit.

    Some are day jobs, and some of them cost A LOT of money and are going to take awhile hahah.

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