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Last Ride: Gerald’s Great Idea


Gerald sent some really sad pics to me with an idea … let’s create a “Last Ride” category. We’ve all seen one or more of these jeeps:  Something so rusty, so damaged, so modified, so mortifying that the grass is holding it up.

So, I’ll put up two posts tonight (courtesy of Gerald).  If you have some pics, see some pics, or save some pics, send them my direction and we’ll add them to.

Gerald writes, We bought this about 10 years ago and finally decided to pull it from the weeds.  We needed the rear axle.  The frame collapsed as I stood in the rotten drivers compartment to steer the wheels while being pulled by the tractor.  It was truely it’s last ride.  We will pick it over and save some stuff. Check out the shackle lift.




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