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StoneTire – Offroad Tires

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UPDATE: The website’s online purchases and inventory is offline.  It appears they are gearing up to allow users to use Major Credit Cards rather than just paypal.  Though Stone Tire calls the tires Ugly Dog, I suspect these tires are the same ones made for the Import/Export Tire Company by Comptred and called V-Grips. It appears Import/Export also sells the other two tires as well and other offroad retreads.

UPDATE (06/07/09):  I sent the company an email, asking if they could potentially make a desert dog for racing and sending them some examples.  I heard nothing back from my June 7th email.

Here’s a company out of Tennessee called StoneTire that calls itself the top resource for retread and offroad tires on the web.  Here’s three of the offroad tires they sell.



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  2. Michael Powell

    would love to see someone retread a desert dog me and my buddys use em on our sandrails and just love them i do have a set of reteaded dogs but dont know who made them dogs are great light offroad tires

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