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Builds: Collapsing Spare Tire Holder


UPDATE:  A reader would like to have one of these built for their project.  See the comment below if you think you know of someone who could do this for them.

I was checking out Four Wheeler the other day and ran across this unusual spare tire carrier.  Check out all the pics on this nice CJ-3A at




4 Comments on “Builds: Collapsing Spare Tire Holder

  1. Brady P

    Dave, I ran across this article earlier this year, emailed the 4×4 shop in California to see if they would build me one of those, but they never replied. If you know of anyone that can duplicate these, please let me know. I would love to have one to put on a 46 2A that I am having built. thanks alot!

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Brady,

    I’ve adjusted to the post to ask readers if they know of anyone who could build this. It looks like something other jeeps would be interested in as well.

    – Dave

  3. deilers

    Thanks for that update Allen. I never saw it hit eBay, but I don’t always pay that close attention to eBay either. It will make someone a great jeep!

    – Dave

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