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Builds: 1951 CJ-3A Off of Pirate 4×4


I found this build through Usenet of all places (long story) on Pirate 4×4.  What I liked about it was that this body was pretty much toast, but the builder has done a nice job of resurrecting it for his project.  Below is a picture of his replacement hat channels and replacement of the triangle piece at the front of the body.

There’s plenty of pics and plenty of customization. It’s definitely a project still.


2 Comments on “Builds: 1951 CJ-3A Off of Pirate 4×4

  1. Hoghead

    God I love this sight ,,, Im in the middle of my lengthened CJ3b & needed some ideas & insperation for the mounting of the body on a 74 Cj-5 ,, & I think I just found it ..

    Keep up the good work ,, I love you..:)

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