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My Top Ten Craigslist Comments


A reader suggested I make a list of funny/unbelieveable/strange comments from real Craigslist Ads.

Here’s my top 10.  Feel free to Add to them and I’ll update this list.

10. Needs a little TLC

9. This is completely original

8. I don’t know much about this, but I spent a bunch of time on ebay, so I know what this is worth.

7. The fuel pump broke about 40 years ago and we never got around to fixing it

6. According to NADA, this is worth ___(insert outrageous value here) ____

5.  It’s all there, just needs to be put back together

4.  this project is 95% complete

3. overall for its year the jeep is in good shape .. OR … runs great for its age

2.  I was playing around in it and I broke ___ (insert about anything here) ___.

1.  It ran when parked


4 Comments on “My Top Ten Craigslist Comments

  1. Robert

    Oh, don’t forget “rare.” Like, here we have an exreeeeemly rare 1948 CJ2a. Boy, you NEVER see these around anymore. 🙂


  2. deilers

    I ran across this classic today …

    “Great project rig. Is disasembled, has 350 small block with PPI, and wench, and It won’t take mutch to get it on the road. ”

    Really, how much work could a completely disassembled wagon take anyway?

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