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Two Willys Jeeps Van Nuys, Ca $300


These look familiar, don’t they Chris?  I could use the wipers ….

“I have these two old relics, ready to add to your yard art collection, or perhaps to help breathe life back into your other Willys Jeep project. No VIN’s, no tags, no title. For parts salvage value only. Must be towed away. One is what is left of a 1948 CJ2A, and the other is a 1951 CJ3A. One extra poly fuel tank, one has a PTO (big), one has a Buick V6, the other has the original rare Hurricane six. Trashed and tired, still cool. $300 cash money. Van Nuys location.”



5 Comments on “Two Willys Jeeps Van Nuys, Ca $300

  1. Profgrif

    I wish I knew you wanted the wipers, the guy said I could pull anything I wanted before they left, I woud have sent them out to you! Funny the Grilles are gone, they were hammered!

  2. deilers

    Well, that will teach me to speak up sooner! Perhaps I should publish a list of items I need — it’s just a few. I have a wiper motor, but it seems burnt out.

    Yeah, the grilles being gone seems a little strange.

    – D

  3. deilers

    I don’t blame you for not wanting it laying around. I’ve been pretty good this time about not have too much remaining from the 3 jeeps I purchased. But, I still have the ubiquitous extra engine/transfer case parts, and the too-bent-up to use body parts (hood, fenders) that are truly unusuable, but I don’t have the heart to throwaway. Maybe, just maybe I can use them for something?

  4. Profgrif

    I hear ya, I have a complete tranny and transfer case sitting in the garage next to my jeep, keep looking at it and like you can’t seem to get rid of it!

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