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Veteran’s Day: Thomas Tugend



I ran across this story of Thomas Tugend on CNN.  It included a video with a great pic of him in a jeep (seen above sitting in the jeep).  The story also reminded me of some family history of my own.  My Great Grandfather was born in Nassau, Germany, and emigrated to the U.S. in 1859.  He loved both Germany and the U.S.  One of his 5 daughters moved to Germany and married a German Military Officer in 1892, who would fight the Allies in WWI (don’t know if he survived — she would die in the WWII 1944 bombing of Hanover).  I’d like to know what was going through my Great Grandfather’s mind as WWI broke (but then, I’m the family history buff).

However, Thomas Tugend is still alive and provides this interesting interview on his experience.


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