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1948 CJ-2A Lincoln City, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

This looks like a great price.  This would probably make a good foundation for a project, given the updated motor, windshield, a good top, and misc parts.

“This is a 1948 Willy’s Jeep CJ2A. It is not ALL original, however, the body, transmission (T-90 manual 3 speed), transfer case, shifters, seats, and windshield are. It also has a rear tow hitch and front tow bar so you may tow it away behind another vehicle. The transmission may be 61 years old, but it still runs and shifts like a champ. It includes aftermarket roll bar, top, swinging jerry can and tire rack, and an almost new exhaust system (dual cherry bombs). The brakes were recently re-done. The engine is a 1964 225 V6 Buick engine with a Rochester single barrel carburetor which was recently re-built. There is no way to tell how many miles are on the engine, as it is not original. It can really move if it needs to. As of right now, the transmission has been dropped, as the clutch has gone out, and will need to be replaced before it can run. I’m not sure which clutch it needs, a Buick or Jeep, as the transmission is original and the engine is not. Tail lights, head lights, blinkers, and hazard lights all work. There is no fuse box, but several in-line fuses have been installed. It’s a shame for me to have to sell this old Jeep, but I simply don’t have the time nor the money to restore it to is original beauty.”



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