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Jewels Stainless Steel Tailgate Seattle, Wa $300

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

This is for sale by Steve, as close to a brother as I had growing up, who grew up in the back of his jeep (Otis) while I grew up in the back of mine.

“I have a Best Jewels SS tailgate super rare.  It has a small dent on top tube but could be easily repaired.  206 890 6233 call with questions.”



8 Comments on “Jewels Stainless Steel Tailgate Seattle, Wa $300

  1. deilers

    Hi James,

    I just called Steve to let him know you were interested in the tailgate and to give you a call. So, you should hear from him soon.

    – Dave

  2. S. Carter

    James please call me @ 206 890 6233 to arrange shipping and payment
    I’d be happy to ship it if you pickup the shipping cost as I have it posted locally.
    Thanks Steve

  3. deilers

    Mitch .. Steve said something about Dragging Jim and Otis out of retirement for a run. Could be fun!

    – D

  4. S. Carter

    Hey Boys, Yeah I’ll have to get Big Jim outta retirement (Otis never did retire he’s good to go) he’s about due for a trip with the boys. My new rig is a YJ not a TJ, I wish! but I haven’t found a TJ for 500$ like my new YJ (still it’s not a flat fender) so it’ll have to do. Hope all is well with you and your Family under the circumstances Mitch, I’m thinking about ya brother.

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