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Builds: Josh’s WW2 US Navy Converto T6 Trailer

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Josh sent over some pics of a very rare WW2 US Navy Converto T6 Trailer.  Josh is curious to know if any other readers have or know of these trailers.  I’ll be happy to set aside some space for Converto trailer owners to gather and share information.

Also, he’s got another trailer for sale on eBay (Converto Airborne Dump Trailer — see post below this one).

Josh writes, “Here are some pictures of my WW2 US Navy Converto T6 trailer I mentioned to you a while back. I found it here in Boise, though it was never advertised for sale. It is almost identical to a more well known Bantam t3 or a Willys MBT.  During the war there were a number of companies producing nearly identical trailers for the military.  The only notable difference between my MBT or T3  and the Converto T6 are a different brake hand set up, dataplate, and, in the case of my trailer, a ball hitch that is stamped USN 1944. (My hitch is different from the two other Converto T6s I’ve heard about — They both have the standard military lunettes)   The data plate was originally riveted to my trailer but the past owner removed it to paint it grey again with spray paint. The under side of my trailer has what I believe to be the original paint and some yellow stenciling that has shipping info/load info. I plan to fully restore and hold onto this T6.

Converto also produced a T7 (same 1/4 ton trailer as the MBT/T3/T6 but with a tailgate) and a Converto Airborne Dump Trailer which is a 1/2 ton but used with the jeep. There is really little info I can find out on either the T6 orT7, but the Dump trailers do have a lot of info available including a military TM.  I have had a few Converto Airborne Dump Trailers.  They are very hard to find as it is estimated only about 6500 where produced. I’m unsure how many T6/T7 were produced. Not very many based on how few are still around. Maybe we can find a few more with your readers??”











6 Comments on “Builds: Josh’s WW2 US Navy Converto T6 Trailer

  1. Don Gomes

    Hi Josh I was at Tower Park today at a military show an I spoke to a guy that has a converto dump trailer .I have one too an I need a rear dump release handle on the side he said you sometimes have them for sale please email me info

  2. Dano

    I too have a Converto T6…not in ideal shape but usable…this will be a long term project of mine…has lunette,but someone tailgated it…not a factory job…The USFS had a generator in it and cut it up a bit…USMC colors underneath.

  3. Doc Dean

    I have a Navy BUAERO Converto, mine is in very good condition and is painted USMC (WW2 shade) Green. I’m in Central Texas.

  4. Mark Allen

    I have a Converto T7 with the factory tailgate intact.

    If the T6s are rare what are the T7s?

  5. David Eilers

    I don’t know enough about them to know the difference or how rare one is vs another. Here’s something I found on the internet on this page
    “1) T-6 is the Navy version
    2) USA-44 is the Army dump version
    3) T-7 is built like the MBT/Bantams and probably the tub/frame came from ACM so it should have a number under the left front spring bracket on the gusset.”

    Or, maybe Converto kept records? (I found that link on this page:

    – Dave

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