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A Ford F1 — From California to Karachi, Pakistan


As I note in the above post, I was checking out the 4×4 Offroaders of Karachi when I found this gem of a story.  It’s a beautiful rebuild.   I’d sure like to know why the builders wife wanted an F1;  a rather strange request!  Here is an excerpt:

Soon after we got married, my wife Sabiha asked me to get a Ford F1 truck for her. I tried my best but could not find any in Pakistan. Some thirty years later, on one of her visits to America, she found one in a small town called Dry Town near Sacramento, California. She convinced the owner to sell it to her and I think she got it for $140 (exact amount she has not told me – only that it cost more to have it towed to our friend Javed Akber’s house in Sacramento). Till we could figure out how to have it shipped to Karachi, for over a year the Ford truck remained parked in Javed’s garage (while their own two cars remained out in the open).”  Read more …






Here’s many more pics of the build


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