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Kill the Bastards … Here’s an Interesting WWII Pic

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UPDATE: This photo appears in the September 27, 1943, issue of Life Magazine. It was the magazines’ “picture of the week” (pages 36/37) … it’s described as an ACME Telephoto; no photograph name is associated with it.


Bruce provided me a copy of this pic.  That’s a pretty intimidating sign.

The sign reads:

Down this road marched one of the regiments of the united states army
Knights serving the Queen of battles
Twenty of their wounded in litters were bayoneted, shot and clubbed by the yellow bellies



8 Comments on “Kill the Bastards … Here’s an Interesting WWII Pic

  1. Craig

    I think my wife’s uncle Doyle Jones, Took that photo. he was on Iwo Jima and took tons of pics and this very photo is in a photo album at his wife’s home. Can anyone tell me if he was the one who took it? Doyle Jones, I believe he was a Marine MP at the time.

  2. David Eilers

    Hi Craig,

    That would be great if you’ve been able to track down the original photographer. I just did some searches, but could not find an attribution to Doyle for the photo. If there are other photos that he took besides this one, then it would lead credence to him being the original photographer. Can you take a photo of the photo in the book? I’d be interested to look at it. If so, you can email it to Thanks!

    – Dave

    – Dave

  3. Michelle

    After my Dad passed a few years ago, I found this same photo in a box with about 20 other photos of WWII photos in a box. He served in Okinawa during WWI and later in the Army Reserve in Korea and rarely spoke about his time during the wars. Among the other photos in the group were images of transport ships of U.S. soldiers, U.S. soldiers with Japanese prisoners of war, Hirohito and his generals, and various other wartime images…both U.S. and Japanese. The back of the images have printed numbers and one has a $. I believe these photos must have been part of a series that were available for purchase, but I could be wrong….

  4. David Eilers

    Thanks for the note Michelle. It’s certainly possible they were available for purchase; Unfortunately I haven’t run across any information on that.

  5. craig

    Hi David… Unfortunately the photos are at his wife’s home in Indiana and I’m here in CT. lol I will try and see though if My wife had taken the photo from the book or if she left it in the album when she photographed it. But there were a few photos she took … and by “Took” i mean photographed on her I phone… lol

  6. D. Allen


    My father had the same photo along with several others that I have found on the internet. They are numbered and I have the feeling that he purchased them during the war from other comments I have read on the internet. I would love to know who took these photos.

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