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Builds: Leapin’ Lena & a Cab for sale


UPDATE:  Kaweh says he’s asking $380/obo for the Cab, which includes a windshield, good glass, wipers, parts, etc.  It’s all there.  If you are interested, you can email him at

Recently, Kaweh used eWillys to find this 1951 CJ-3A in Osbourn, Idaho.  The owner named the jeep Leapin Lena.  She owned the jeep for 50 years and made Kaweh promise that he wouldn’t change the jeep’s name.

The jeep came with a top that Kaweh doesn’t want. He’s included some pics below.  He hasn’t determined a price yet, so if you are interested, drop a comment below and I’ll make sure he gets your information.

In addition, Kaweh is looking for a CJ-2A windshield.  If you have one and aren’t too far away from Missoula, drop a comment below.  Thanks!


About the top, Kaweh writes “The window on the driver side (not the driver door but the window in the cab itself) is cracked. Otherwise the cab is in great shape just needs some TLC and paint.”  Kaweh and the top are located in Montana. The windshield that is currently on the Jeep is part of the cab (you can see how upright it is installed).  The doors are in really good shape; even the insulation is still there.





4 Comments on “Builds: Leapin’ Lena & a Cab for sale

  1. dan

    i might be interested in that hardtop. now if i could just find a willys tup to go under it…. 🙂 i’m over in idaho so missoula’s not too far for me. i’ll be watching to see if a price is forthcoming.
    thanks. i’ve been enjoying this site.

  2. randy

    I’m in central Wash. and have a couple original outer 2A frames that are very useable and may have an original complete, inner/outer available as well. I’m about 6 hours from Missoula, but do get to Spokane occasionally.

  3. lowenuf

    keep in mind, the windshield frame on Kaweh’s jeep is part of the top…that is an original military ordanance top, and the straight up windshield frame sides will only follow the contour of those doors that are with the top….

    just an FYI….

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