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Readers Builds: Jack — 3 Jeeps in 3 Weeks


Randy’s friend Jack appears to have contracted the Willys disease.

Jack tells the story, “Short story; Jack has been familiar with my flat fenders and thought nothing about it. Well, I found and he bought the ‘Weeds’ Willys [See pics of the ‘Weeds’ Jeep here]. Next week, while looking at your site, I spotted a ’46 in nice shape only 15 miles from where we live!!!!  Well, Jack bought that one too! On Sunday afternoon he wa talking with some friends and someone mentions he has an old Jeep in his pasture; one of those “it ran when parked” jeeps.  Well, you guessed it, Jack bought that one as well ($275) and the motor looks good.  So, 3 Jeeps in 3 weeks for my buddy Jack. Guess I forgot to mention he’s an engineer by trade”

Here’s the ‘Weeds’ Jeep

Huebels 011

Here’s the 2nd Jeep

Huebels 012

Here’s the newest addition

Huebels 014


2 Comments on “Readers Builds: Jack — 3 Jeeps in 3 Weeks

  1. Buzz

    I need to find friends like this. I’ve been looking for a good CJ2A project and I’ve come up empty handed!

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