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1961 FC-170 Dually Marysvale, Ut **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  This was bought for the ‘buy it now’ price of $8000.  Thanks Dennis!

(11/24/09) I like it, in part because it looks like it still gets used.  Marysvale is deep in the middle of Utah.  I’ve never been there, but I’ve been jeeping out of Mt. Pleasant above Marysville.  I’ve also flown over that area a number of times and scoped it out pretty well (you can see a variety of trails from above) with the idea that I’d go jeeping there at some point.  Also, the San Rafael Swell is a good area to explore also and is ignored by most tourists (or used to be).

“Willys Jeep FC-170. Dually flatbed. Purchased restored & used as light duty ranch truck. Stored inside. Still in nice condition. Has stock engine & transmission, 4wd. Was previously used as a parade vehicle but now carries a Lincoln welder (not included). Interior is all redone with blue velour seats. Runs & starts good in warm weather. It is not run in the winter. There are external exhaust pipes on each rear corner of the cab – sounds great too. This truck shows 80,000 miles but seller cannot guarantee actual milage.”







3 Comments on “1961 FC-170 Dually Marysvale, Ut **SOLD**

  1. Dennis

    No 100% sure but it sure looks like the truck Larry Johnson sold on E-bay back in 2002 from South Dakota. An if your looking for the town on map quest it’s Marysvale.

  2. deilers

    Thanks Dennis .. I have updated the city name. Not sure how I mucked that up! By coincidence, the google result for Marysville (I think google was just centering on utah instead of giving me an error) wasn’t all that far away from Marysvale.

    – Dave

  3. Dennis

    Fat fingers meant to say “NOT 100% sure” This guy put alot of additional work in this truck after it was listed back in 2002. Someone got what looks like a great deal today, it sold for the “Buy it Now”
    price of $8000.

    Keep up the great work, Love your web site I check it every day just to see whats going on. Have two FC’s that keep me plenty busy and broke for now though.

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