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A Couple Videos Old & New

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Hocus_Pocus_FocusHere’s two videos I found today.  The first video is a compilation of color footage that follows the landing at D-Day.  I thought it was very good.  I believe a little of this footage also was used in the WWII in HD series that was shown on the History Channel (some great footage there).

This video also includes a jeep called Hocus Pocus Focus. I searched for the phrase Hocus Pocus Focus, thinking I might come up with some meaning for it, but the only thing I found was that a band would name themselves Hocus Pocus Focus several decades after WWII.


The second video is a nicely shot video that shows a rebuilt 1943 GPW and trailer. It’s one of the better videos I’ve seen on YouTube in terms of quality of shots and editing.


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  1. Lester Senn

    The jeep Hocus Pocus Focus was part of famous director George Stevens special coverage unit in Europe in WW2.It appears in several scenes in the DVD George Stevens D Day to Berlin.It is available from several on line retailers such as Amazon.Note that this was not George Stevens personal jeep,his was named Tolucca after his home town Tolucca Lake,California.Its name was in the same position on the windshield as Hocus Pocus Focus.

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