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No Posts – Update


UPDATE: I should really put the day of the “no post” up to eliminate any confusion about which day I’m talking about (which was Tuesday night).

Anyway, ever had one of those days where your ex-wife calls you to tell you that (1) instead of paying her mortgage, she chose to make other decisions with her money?  And, oh by the way, (2) the bank didn’t like that she didn’t make the payments, so, after a few discussions with the bank, (3) the bank put it up for auction and sold it.  Finally, (4) she was now calling me to let me know what had happened so that I could help support the kids through this emotionally!

Now, because my 3 kids live there and because I personally have $30k in equity (and she has $220k in equity), this is no minor mistake. Despite talking with her several times, I doubt I’m getting the full story.  She’s not stupid, but this was beyond dumb.

Seriously, what was she thinking?

So, while I like a break now and then, I would have much rather not had to have a break at all  ….


Sorry, I had a late night of driving. Drop by tomorrow PM for posts.


– Dave


8 Comments on “No Posts – Update

  1. Kevin

    Gosh…you are human, I thought you sat in front of the computer 24/7 – 365…Merry Christmas Dave and I appreciate your efforts here on ewillys.

  2. greg

    Thanks Dave,
    Appreciate all you’ve done to date. I look forward to your postings each day, but you do deserve a break.

  3. Dexter

    Hey Dave,

    I thought you either had an iPhone or just sat in front of your computer all day looking for new content to put on your site.

    Thanks for your hard work and dedication in maintaining this site.


  4. mmdeilers Post author

    I don’t have an iphone yet. I’ve got a Sprint Samsung Instinct that allows me to monitor multiple email accounts and take many many pics and then bulk upload them to my computer using bluetooth. When I have tried the iphone, I was forced to email pics to myself one at a time, which didn’t make me happy.

    But, the Instinct does not allow me to access wordpress, so I cant’ update the site while in the car.

    If the Droid phone would allow me to access wordpress and do the bulk image upload, then I’d consider getting that phone.

    What I’m hoping to do is train my oldest son to use the administrative backend and do some posting. That would help me out greatly!

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