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Buried under Snow in Colorado

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I’m sure the February temperatures that have blown into this month Boise are the ones that are rippling across the US.  Jim shared with us the effects of storms at his place, along with a note that it dropped to -15 last night …. brrrrr.  Jim, I’m assuming you’ve put that new/old snow plow you got to work?

Jim wrote, “Not a single bit of anything on the ground 2 days ago, then we got slammed! Its gonna be a white Christmas around here for sure!”






2 Comments on “Buried under Snow in Colorado

  1. Robert

    We got dumped on last week here in S. Wisconsin, too. About 15 inches of wet and heavy white stuff, then the temperatures dropped. Our roads are all messed up still because they couln’t plow it out fast enough. Now it’s icy ruts everywhere. Speaking of plows, Jim, have you had a chance to try out your new one ( ?

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