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1963 FJ-3A Fleet Van **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Mitch forwarded some pics he took.  **SOLD** Was $6500.

“1963 Willys?Jeep snow cone/ latte van with full health dept set up. This is the longer version(not the mail version). Very, Very COOL! Interior has been proffesionally converted and was used as a health department approved snowcone vender. I bought it because it looks sooooooo cool. Full 4 sinks, water etc. Engine runs like a sewing machine. I am a car collector and due to the economy I am selling my gems.”

jeep fleet van 005 (Small)

jeep fleet van 006 (Small)

jeep fleet van 003 (Small)

jeep fleet van 001 (Small)

jeep fleet van 004 (Small)


3 Comments on “1963 FJ-3A Fleet Van **SOLD**

  1. gentle biff

    Your Jeep Fleetvan model FJ3-A looks great!! Nice paint! I saw it when a guy named ‘Patrick’ in Vancouver, WA, had it up for sale a couple years ago. I have one of these, but traded in the ‘sewing machine’ engine for a 1973 Ford 2L with automatic transmission. And it even has power brakes now,
    compliments of my late mechanic friend, John Chambers Jr.(he also did the engine transplant)
    Best Regards,

  2. David Eilers

    Hi Kim,

    This was an older post. It’s sold. I’ve updated the post.
    These FJ-3As are very difficult to find. These days this might fetch double the asking price that it did in 2009.

    – Dave

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