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Converto Airborne Dump Trailer Jeep WW2 **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“This WW2 trailer was originally design for the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to be used as both a general purpose cargo trailer much like the Willys MBT/ Bantam T3 and specifically for use beyond the capability of the MBT/T3’s; for moving and dumping material. It is estimated that there were about 6500 of these trailers produced during WW2 and is ideally pulled by a Ford GPW or Willys MB jeep or a dozer.









The Dump action is controlled by the middle lever which tilts the bed. The side lever directly under the data plate controls the tailgate itself. When the side lever is pulled the tailgate swings out from the bottom. It’s also possible to pull the top pins and fold it down from the top or remove the tailgate completely. The dump levers can actually operated from the drivers seat of a jeep by pulling on the rope which the end loop rests on the base of the shifter. So the load is not accidently dumped, both the bed tilt and the tailgate mechanism have safety pins. Also the tailgate has a small gate which exposes a circular hole to pour out smaller amounts of material or can be a port for a nozzle to distribute liquids in their own container. Another unique feature of the trailer is the bed itself can be detached by pulling the two large dump pins and driving away. *Notably the trailer did not come with fenders from the factory

“This particular trailer is very complete and has all the important components typically missing: -Original tailgate -pins and chains -Thick lunette -Reinforced combat rims
-landing leg -Both cast dump latches -Dump levers”

For a 60+ year old trailer the trailer is in truly amazing condition. It is incredibly straight and solid. There are literally only 3 or 4 dents or dings in the entire trailer and no bowed panels. This trailer is one of the finest examples of these trailers I have ever seen. Unlike the few other Converto dump trailers I have seen or owned. The the panels and pieces where lined up very well for assembly from the factory; the original welds are clean and almost uniform. Considerable effort was made to make this trailer as correct as possible with attention to the smallest details Including hand brushing the blue drab USA Number. The document pouch, data plate, custom rivets, pins, and chains where created or obtained to match the original. Body filler was not used in the preservation and there are only a few small flaws. The front (not the entire) of the bed is bit pitted (this can be seen in the pictures with the manual), there are three smaller than a pencil size holes by the tailgate round hole gate, there are a few small flaws in my paint job and as mentioned there are three small dents all smaller then a quarter one in each top rail and one in the bed. Again this is one is very solid and complete.

The trailer has recently received:  -A Very hard to find NOS US ARMY Corp of Engineers document pouch with custom rivets -original pointed tread Goodyear 6.00×16 NDT tires -three wire cloth inter-vehicular cable composed of NOS components -NOS BO light switch -CB taillights -All NOS lights -reflectors
-NEW Wiring Harness from Vintage wiring of Maine – a few new pins and chains -Reinforced combat rims -TM5-9084 with supplement -Data plate from Robert de Ruyter -New Paint -hand Brushed Markings in blue drab -Trailer Dump lever rope “


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