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Jeep Rods

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Gerald sent me a pic of the Jeep Truck Rod below.  After some searching, I found some others.   There’s a great thread with various Jeep Rod photos as well, one of which I show below.  I suspect this is the first of several Jeep Rods Posts as I suspect other pics will pop up based on the few searches I did this evening.


Here’s a pic from the Jalopy Journal Site:


Here’s a fantastic Jeep Rod:






Here’s a list of links:

1. The thread on the Jalopy Journal


3. Kill Billet Thread


5. FC-150 Rod

6. Jp Magazine Rod Project


2 Comments on “Jeep Rods

  1. deilers

    Thanks Jon.

    You know, I started looking closer at that image after I posted it and thought the lighting didn’t make sense. Then I noticed there were no tire tracks. I thought maybe the jeep was simply photoshopped into the location. And then I looked up to see the Vikings catching up to the Bears and proceeded to forget all about making a comment about it.


    – Dave

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