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1946 VEC CJ-2A Palos Verdes, Ca $10,000


UPDATE:  This is now on Craigslist for $10,000. This was on eBay.

(11/04/2010) This is a fine looking CJ-2A with some polish that likely runs and drives well.  What puzzles me is why it lacks VEC and CJ-2A elements.  I would call it a frame off rebuild, but I couldn’t call it a frame off ‘restoration’ (I would expect a “Collector” to know the difference — perhaps the seller was mislead).

Sure, it has the tags, along with an ID of 25588, but, given the seller’s asking price of $14,500, it should also have a column shift, tool indents, the correct parking lights, the bow holders, original bumpers, body drain holes near the steps, the bow mounts at the rear corners and a few other things. Also, why paint it the correct color, yet not paint the wheels the correct Autumn Yellow?

“First of all please note my stellar feedback so you can bid with confidence. I expect the buyer to be the same. Out of my collection is this very original 1946 CJ-2A Willys with matching civilian 1946 TC-3B Bantam trailer. This Willys is a frame off restoration. It is refinished in the original and correct color of Harvest Green. It has the correct original running gear: 134-L Go Devil engine, T-90 trans and Dana 18 transfer case. This Willys would do well in any show and is turn key ready. Best of all, you can drive it anywhere.  The reserve is set MUCH less than comparable vehicles on the market and this INCLUDES the Bantam trailer. Odometer shows 47,290. I don’t know if this is actual or not. The following are all new or professionally rebuilt. Look at the pic’s…”


4 Comments on “1946 VEC CJ-2A Palos Verdes, Ca $10,000

  1. Sean Collins

    This is mixed salad of parts from different years.

    The frame & tags may match, but it’s not a “very original 1946 CJ-2A” as the seller claims.

    The body tub isn’t even CJ-2A, it’s likely 3A, maybe M-38, or repro. Tailgate is repro.

    The engine is a mid-50 or later 641087 gear drive.

    Lots of other incorrect details & parts.

    (Incidentally, in NORMAL production, tool indents were eliminated at about s/n 22000, +/- a few hundred)

  2. Sean Collins


    Most of Harolds info is still correct, but we’ve determined that the tool indent info is not. While some vehicles with later serial numbers are occasionally found with tool indents, they are “special” tubs, not “normal” production.

    It’s a rather long-winded explanation, let me send it via email.


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