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Builds: Jim’s brother’s Weekend Build

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Sometimes you have the luxury of 25 years to work on your M-38.  Other times, you only have the weekend.  Jim and his brothers show how much work can be done in only a weekend — and what a difference another body can make.

You can read all about this weekend adventure on Jim’s brother’s blog: By the Numbers.  It’s a funny bit of writing, including the addition of aliases to protect the innocent from thesungoddess perhaps? :-).  You can also catch Jim on his blog, Bus-Plunge (he’s got a cool bus & hat).  Finally, you can see all three brothers at the bottom of this list of Jeeps, courtesy of the jeepjunkie himself.

Here’s the before — a very cheaply purchased, rolling pile of rust:


And an after shot — all the body parts changed in another low budget purchase of parts … all except for the driver’s side fender.  I’d say that’s a 1000 percent improvement. Not bad for a weekend.



9 Comments on “Builds: Jim’s brother’s Weekend Build

  1. john

    Thanks for the “shout out”. It was a fun weekend and I am sure there will be many, many more.

    There is a reason I call him thejeepjunkie.


  2. thejeepjunkie

    And what a weekend it was…..started when the collection arrived on a Friday night….now understand the sungoddess was visiting her parents and I was to pick her up at the airport in Mouseland on Sunday midafternoon…started Saturday am and and by Saturday dark thirty I pulled it out of the garage….the HOA didn’t know, but my neighbors were wondering as to what was going on….try hiding a couple of tubs and such in your yard in a HOA controled subdivision…..enlisted/brided…amazing what a cold beverage served in a can can get you…a couple of neighbors to help with the lifting…..and the by the time the sungoddess arrived home ALL evidence was gone…..and the names HAVE been changed to protect the innocent….or guilty…..the jeep now resides in So Georgia introducing a whole new generation of kids to the joy of a Jeep…..

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Thanks for the update!

    I can relate to the HOA situation. At one point I had 3 jeeps (all apart) in my garage, 2 vehicles sitting in the driveway and 1 in the street (for about 6 months). I was waiting for the knock from the HOA czars; fortunately, the czars don’t live in my area, are actually very nice folks, and they had bigger fish to fry (like rampant foreclosures). Besides, my neighbors seemed to be more amused by my project than offended — but then, I do live in Idaho.

    – Dave

  4. deilers

    Hey Chris, if you want to send me pics (, I’ll be happy to post that in case other readers in your area are interested in it. Just let me know.

    = Dave

  5. Jeepjunkie

    Chris….yes I am interested….just finishing a trailer since one of my brothers told me my next vehicle should be a tow truck…..gotta go somewhere…..I’ll be in touch…

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