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The Three Wheeled CJ-3A APU

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UPDATE 2:  Learn More here

UPDATE:  As noted in the article below, these were developed by O. E. Szekely & Associates, who also created the modified CJ-3A for the Navy.  The APU pictured in color below is from the Miramar Marine Corps Air Museum in San Diego.

I keep thinking that I’ve seen all the different jeeps that were ever built.  But nope, here’s another one I’ve not seen before,  discussed on this Argentinian website. Both the pics below and the video are from that website.  It’s really cool!



9 Comments on “The Three Wheeled CJ-3A APU

  1. Brian's 58 3b

    When I started looking for a 3b to build there was a Ebay listing of a M606 (CJ3b) and three of the APU’s for $3000.00. It was all sitting in Southern Ca in a dry rust free belt. I found all the info I could on the APU’s because I had thoughts of parting them out if I bought the lot. I really had know way of getting it home the M606 had been sitting and was in good shape!
    The rear Dana 44 was remove and steering linkage installed. The interlock pin in the transfer case was removed so it could be put in gear to drive. The rear yoke was used to power the generator. The bulge in the hood was for the carburetor of the F4-134 engine.

  2. Bob

    When I was a kid there was a junkyard about a mile down the road that we used to sneak into during the evenings and weekends, we’d play among the junk and hang out in the back of an old Dodge panel truck. They had a bunch of these things in that yard, along with some electric jeeps for use on aircraft carriers. The yard later became an EPA site and was cleaned out.

  3. Mark

    Dave, that’s it. They usually have it sitting out amongst the planes in the flight line. They do move things around a lot and change things up, so you might call first if you are coming from out of town, to make sure its out. From the look of the background in the first picture, I think that one is the one at Miramar, now that I look closely.

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  5. Tom Sterndale

    Do you know what engen the three wheel jeep had? I have a cj3a with a hood like the three wheeled Jeep it has a Fhead engen. it also has a data plate from O.E. Szekely & Asso.
    Did they change the engens as well?

  6. mmdeilers Post author


    It never occurred to me that someone would use those hoods for other jeeps.

    After a few searches, I have concluded the APU started with a L-head, but then switched to a F-head, hence the strange hood bumps. Here’s a similar jeep that sounds like what you have

    Do a google search on “O.E. Szekely jeep” and you’ll find more links. I hope that helps,

    – Dave

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