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1950 CJ-3A St. Louis, Mo $1500


This is completely disassembled.  It just needs ‘alot of love’ according to the seller.

“i have a completely disassembled 1950cj3a willys it has a completely rebuilt f head motor that is stuck it was rebuilt never started and left sitting never to be turned over that was years ago but it still has alot of perfect parts that can be used it has the dana 25/27 axles the dana18 tranfer case and the double stick setup all still in good useable shape it will need new springs they are bad but i have them the tub has some rust but could be used now it does need gauges and of course alot of love but i’m selling it as a parts unit even though it does have a good title and the tags that go on it $1500 is cheap for all the parts that are here hell i even have all 4 steel wheels with it i don’t want to sell a part here or a part there i want it all or nothing so please keep that in mind and also the pictures are of it together it is now completely apart and i mean completely also the pto unit and that stupid tin roof are gone thank you.”



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