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Images from the Mid East?

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I think at least some of these images are from Israel?  If not, I believe they are from that general area.

The first one might be the newest.  I’m not sure if the grilles and fenders are armored or not, but most certainly appear heavy duty.

Note how thin and tall the tires are on this jeep.

Now, that seat below can’t be comfortable for long drives!

In the two pics below, the people look like they are from ‘Rat Patrol, The Reality Series’.  I think either the jeep in this first pic is a 1948 or the image was taken in 1948?



10 Comments on “Images from the Mid East?

  1. Roberto Flores

    Hi, sir!

    Those´re pics from jeeps which belonged to the Samson Foxes, kinda SAS or LRDG reconn comando unit style. More info here: I have wrotten a brief article about this interesting unit and its fights during the Israeli Independence War (1948), as it employed old WW2 jeep surplus and also CJ2As.

    And also I drawn this:

    Cheers, and keep´em rolling!

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    HI Or,

    That’s a helpful link. Thanks! And yes, that appears to be a ’42 – ’45 MB that is nicely restored.

    – Dave

  3. Roberto Flores

    Hi, fellows!

    Thanks for that useful and interesting info! Yes, the pics came from the National Archives of Israel. I got several for the article, as this probably one the best sources for this story.

    Or, very cool restoration! An amazing Ford GPW! A friend of mine took several shots at the Latrun Museum, as he found there several more samples of Tsahal jeeps. Cool vehicles! And nice info for scale modelling projects!

    By the way, do you have more info about Willys jeeps at Israel? It would be quite interesting! I have found at your website ( that you publish a bulletin or magazine. Am I wrong? Is it possible to get it here at Europe?

    Many thanks!

  4. Or


    Some info on Willys in Israel:

    The ‘5-club’ website is not mine [I’m even not a member of the club…], But if you need more info, just email them at: and ask for more info or pic’s. I bet they will make a contact between you and some owners of this Willys Jeeps.

    Now, this guy – Arnon [] is a collector and restored this 48 and he may be good source of knowledge –

  5. doron segal

    This view of the fifteenth club in Israel, 2010. The emphasis was on military vehicles.
    I drive my Jeep, Ford GPW 1942 light brown. Point was in the British army in the campaign in North Africa and the Israeli army.

  6. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Doron,

    Thanks for the link to the photos. Looks like you had a good number of jeeps for that event.

    – Dave

  7. doron segal

    Hey Dave,
    Thanks for the quick response.
    I have some pictures of Israeli jeeps, especially that with the number 4062, but I do not know how to put them here … 🙁

  8. mmdeilers Post author


    email them to me at d at I’ll feature them in the next day or two.


    – Dave

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