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Question regarding wheel size 16.5 x 8.25″


A reader asked if anyone is familiar with any vehicle using a 16.5 x 8.25″ wheel with 33 x 12.50 x 16.5 tire?  The reader has some rims that he was told were original, but he can’t find anything about them.

More pics here


5 Comments on “Question regarding wheel size 16.5 x 8.25″

  1. Jeepermc

    Interesting…. I’ve not heard of any vehicles originally equipped with 5 lug 16.5’s…Nearly all 16.5’s are 8 lug… The common wheel width for 16.5’s is 8.25 and 9.75… Commonly rounded to 8″ and 10″…There was likely a skinnier width too…

    Those appear to be tubed so the likelihood of them coming off the bead at low pressure is much less than it would be if they were tubeless…. The 16.5 has a terrible bead design and there is typically no safety bead built into the wheel to keep the bead seated like on 15 or 16″ wheels. The ride is usually worse due to the bead design also. The only thing keeping 16.5 wheels seated on the bead is air pressure ( or in this case the air inside the tube ) so running them at low pressure usually will require bead locks. Tubes are not foolproof as well… Dirt or rocks can easily get inside the tire between the carcass and tube and puncture the tube when run at low pressures offroad…

    Long story short….if you got em and want to wear them out go for it…..But be aware of the possible negatives and when worn out go with some 15″ or 16″ wheels and tires… Tire companies are phasing out 16.5’s also…They are already becoming hard to find and costly to replace.

  2. Tom

    current military HMMWV / M998 and CUCV tires are 16.5 rim size. you can try fitting these tire to your rim though I’ve only see them offered in 35″ OD and “no” smaller. you can find these as surplus on the net and I’ve heard they are really good offroad performance.

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