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1953 Truck Walla Walla, Wa **SOLD** … Meet Clarence!

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500. It’s a great ad though.

Clarence needs a good home.  I’m not sure if this ad is more art exhibit or more detailed explanation of the problems, but I really liked the pics; Enough to present them in full, though there are so many, I regulated most to the main page.  Enjoy.

“NUTSHELL VERSION:  1954 Willys Overland “jeep” truck, 134ci 4 cylinder engine (original), 4×4, Borg-Warner T-90 transmission (3 speed), Spicer 18 transfer case (hi, lo, neutral), 15″ wheels, Original “jeep” hubs, Runs well, Drives well.”


Clarence is a 1953 Willys Overland “Jeep” truck.

I purchased Clarence from an older gentleman in Caldwell Idaho, who bought him from his original owner. Clarence had not been driven for over 2 years when I had bought him. He ran just enough to get him onto the car hauling trailer.

Being that Clarence is 57 years old, he has some wrinkles and hic-ups I like to call “character”. Clarence and I went for a nice drive out in the country today to find a nice spot to take some pictures. I will try to express in pictures and writing all the “character” traits that Clarence has that makes him, I believe, so wonderful.

This one is on the drivers side fender. Fortunately it did not require any welding. Also note the “4 wheel drive” emblem is on this side.

Clarence is 4 wheel drive (4×4) with the original “jeep” hubs. I have used the 4 wheel drive in the snow and in the hills and it works great! He has the original 15″ wheels (3 black and 2 white). Which have radials on them that have over %50 life left. Although throwing some sealer in them or possibly some tubes wouldn’t be a bad idea. I currently stop by Les Schwab once a month to have them top them off with air

He also has the original Borg-Warner T-90 3-speed transmission. Which is still paired up with the original Spicer 18 transfer case

The inside is not to bad, although far from perfect. The bench seat has two storage spaces underneath. The seat appears to have been re-upholstered by a “non-professional”. It has some broken springs, but no tears. I did put in seat belts so that I could take my daughters around with me.

There is no headliner. Just metal. But it does still have the original sun visor on the driver side, sans upholstery.

That is the heater straight ahead. It works great when you open the door for it to blow straight out. Defrost…mmm, not so much. I think with some tape on the ducting it would work better. Oh, and there is no “box” in the glovebox, it is just a door to behind the dash.

The blinkers work (at least the front do, and I am pretty sure about the rear). No noise comes from the blinker so you have to watch for the little light next to the wand. The electrical is still 6 volt, so that means the lights are dim and you run some risks when jump starting from a 12 volt car. The headlights are pretty dim, and one of the brake lights is not working.

A custom ladder is just behind the drivers door. It looks like it is a little wimpy, but it is very solid. And quite handy to get in and out of the bed, and to strap down a load etc.

There is a little bit of gutter damage on the back. This is just above the rear window… speaking of the glass, it is all good with no cracks. Drivers side needs a little assistance in rolling up and down, but not much

The first owner seemed to think that the welder was a good solution to any and all forms of problems Clarence was having. For instance it looks like he took a corner too tight and pushed in the passenger side fender causing it to crack. Solution = weld it like it is. (note the missing “4 wheel drive” emblem on this side)

The handle on the passengers door is welded to the door. I like to imagine that it was loose and he could not find the screw… but look, his welder was right there… why not.

The rear fender is also banged up good. But he fixed it, the welder…again.

The bed is in good shape for 57 years old. The tail gate goes up and down just like it is supposed to. It is not twisted out of shape, although dinged and dented. I have taken many loads to the dump with Clarence. There are some rust holes at the bottom of the post holes at the corners of the bed. (you can kind of see it in the corner of the bed, a little bit of light coming threw)

And now the BEASTLY engine of Clarence. It is the original F4-134 “Hurricane” engine
. It is a little leaky, but I did buy the gasket to eliminate much of the leaks, on the top side.

The original oil bath air cleaner is still there, I have not gotten the new ducting to link it to the carburator. Hence the ugly one for now. Engine also still has the original drop in oil filter. You also get a glimpse of the new 6 volt battery.

One of the two rear facing bed lights. It is intact, but the wire is cut. I have never had this working, but have never tried to get it there either.  Below is where the other rear facing bed light should be. It looks like the mounting bracket was broken off, and the wire cut. Probably was broken the same time the metal around the roofline was damaged. (this is passenger side)

Here is another view of the passenger side. This is the rain gutter above the door. As you can see it is a little bent up, and the door doesn’t perfectly sit in tight with the cab. Actually if you are not careful and either slam the passenger door real good (REAL good), or lock the door… you will loose your passenger on your first left turn. Just ask my friend Jared. 🙂

This shows the condition of the paint, old. It does have some surface rust as you can see by the windshield. There is a vent just in front of the windshield that opens from in the cab, it is very nice for those hot days! And the wipers do “work”. If you have ever driven a car with vacum operated wipers you know what I mean. Clarences needs new blades these ones are just awful.

Well those are all the pictures I have to share of Clarence right now. I could take more if you are interested in something I did not cover. I like to be a well informed buyer, so I figured others do to. I hi-lighted the bad, but this is a very great truck and there is so much good. He is so much fun to drive, gets a lot of compliments and runs great. He is licensed and ready for the road.

If you want to meet Clarence send me an email and I will contact you from there.


4 Comments on “1953 Truck Walla Walla, Wa **SOLD** … Meet Clarence!

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    I haven’t seen this relisted. It was a good deal, so I believe it sold. I’ve updated the post accordingly.


    – Dave

  2. Isaac

    I’m so glad you guys snagged my old ad. A man from Pittsburgh ended up buying Clarence and then flying out to Washington and taking 3 weeks to drive it home to the East Coast.

    Glad to see my old friend Clarence again.


  3. David Eilers


    I appreciated the ad. So many other ads are barebones or less. I’m glad Clarence found a good home! BTW, I live just up the road in Pasco.

    – Dave

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