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Man Made rebuilds an offroad car (well, technically it’s a car/boat)

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Simon forwarded me a link to a show called Man Made. I haven’t seen an episode yet, but the video introduction below looks intriguing.

Simon reports, “I’ve only seen two episodes but its about a guy who locates barn finds and restores them for selling at auction. So far its covered an amphicar and Camero (no jeeps!) but its a great program to watch and see how a professional goes about restoring classic cars. He’s not been so successful on the profit front mind you – the amphicar didn’t sell and he lost money on the Camero”


2 Comments on “Man Made rebuilds an offroad car (well, technically it’s a car/boat)

  1. Paul Wadas

    I have owned one of these Amphicars and have worked on many others. I actually fabricated a rig to completely rotate the car body so it could be worked on all the way around. I am currently looking for another Amphicar to restore. The variety of subjects that Dave posts on this site is amazing. Between the Zamboni Jeep, the Seep, and now the Amphicar, it’s like Dave is reading my mind.
    Thanks for the interesting reading!

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