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Anyone know anything about these trucks?

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Doing some research on Warn hubs this morning, I ran across this image on Warn’s corporate website.  This may very well be  the original Warn Motor’s Service station in Seattle, Washington, where Arthur Warn developed his early ‘Summer Hubs’ as Mike refers to them.  Note the signs atop the roof, “Jeeps”  and “Warn Motors”.

If there were just one of these trucks, i would call it a custom one-off project.  However, two of these suggest to me this was a kit of some kind?  It kind of looks like the prototype for the Willys we have named a Tender.


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  1. Gustavo


    As long as I know, there were some early (and rare) Willys Pick-Ups with flat grille, no V-shape. A friend of mine found one here, in Costa Rica, some years ago and then sold it. I will call him for further information on his story.

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