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Reason #63 for a trip to Italy

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Some of the folks over at the website had a discussion regarding the Museo Storico Piana delle Orme – Latina (Italy).    The museum describes itself as a “historical theme park designed to accommodate one of the largest and most diverse collections in the world: planes, tanks, locomotives, wagons, radio, weapons and hundreds of military vehicles, agricultural tractors, threshers, trams and coaches, tools and thousands of objects of all types and sizes. Dedicated to the twentieth century, the Museum is a journey through 50 years of Italian history. 14 themed to tell the traditions and culture of the peasant, the great works of improvement, the Second World War but also to show the vehicles and means at the dawn of industrialization and great toys with which children entertained themselves.

For the purposes of ewillys, the highlight of the trip might just be the opportunity to check out these two modified flatties a little closer (ok, hopefully we could find many more highlights as well!)

In the foreground, we have a MB that has been converted into a tow truck.  Behind, and to the left, is a jeep with a water tank(?) on the back of it.  Maybe a water transporter?  This photo was taken by “Captain Bill”.


5 Comments on “Reason #63 for a trip to Italy

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    I added a second pic to which I adjusted the color curve. The grille is much clearer now. Based on this new pic, I’d have to say that’s a MB grille.

    – Dave

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    No worries Dave … I’ve got 101 excuses for all the mistakes I’ve made 🙂 … I find that blaming it some sports event is the best strategy …

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