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1948 CJ-2A Jal, Nm eBay


Here’s another CJ-5/Flattie Body Merger.  But, what really is unusual is that bumper.

“Too many projects, this one has to go!  I bought this Willys last summer with intentions of rebuilding it.  What was I thinking?  I have way to many things going right now and feel overwhelmed.  So, here is your chance to get a project that I believe will be worth doing.

The guy I bought it from said it was running when it was parked two summers ago and I believe him because they drove it flat and broke the bead on two tires and that is where they parked it.  The jeep is complete as far as I can tell and body is in fair condition.  It rolls freely, I towed it home over 40 miles with the tow bar that is on it.  The engine also rolls freely, I can turn it by hand.  It has an alternator so it has been converted to 12 volt.  The transmission and transfer case shift just fine.  The clutch pedal is stuck and the break pedal is hard to push, don’t know what the problem is there, sort of feels like it’s in the linkages.”

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