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De-icer + Snow System = Power Boost?

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While doing some other research, I found this interesting blog entry about the benefits of a Water Methanol Injection System.  One of the more unique aspects of this is that the ‘fuel’ is simply de-icer purchased from Autozone.  My question would be, why install a separate container;  instead just tap into the existing de-icer container (of course, most jeeps don’t have these in the first place).

Mr. Greenwrench writes on his blog, “Before the Snow System I was always adding octane booster or buying 8 dollar a gallon unleaded Race fuel. Now with this system I add de-icer fluid(25%water75%methanol) I  get from Auto Zone and I forget about the octane booster and race gas. The power increase you get, well that happens in a big way. How about 33 horsepower at the rear wheels with no additional tuning on the car.Just bolt the system on and go. The system goes on very easy and if you do have a problem their Tech department is superb!!”

You can read the entire article here or visit Snow Performance’s home page here.  You can also read some other reviews about water/methanol injection here.  Anyone ever tried this system or something similar?

Below is an injection system installed in a 1987 buick.  It looks like a fun experiment to try.


2 Comments on “De-icer + Snow System = Power Boost?

  1. Mitch

    ahhhh…drugs….Used to be pretty popular in the diesel world…. The meth heats things up, the water cools it down….Until something goes boom! Probably not aas volatile or risky as nitrous, but the damage can be the same..

  2. deilers

    Boom … I had an engine go Boom once. It’s not a good thing. To make it worse, it was my favorite all time engine thus far (modded buick 225). I’ve even got pics of the pieces lying on the ground. I wasn’t even driving it. My buddy was driving it. He said flames shot out the side.

    No, Boom isn’t good. 🙂

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