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Postcards from the Past

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Gerald forwarded me some classic offroad postcards he owns.  He says he’s got some more and I look forward to see them!  These three cards take us across the country.

We start at Cape Cod:

Here is a card from South Dakota:

Finally, here’s a shot from the Oregon Dunes.


3 Comments on “Postcards from the Past

  1. deilers

    Somewhere I have pics of those big trucks … from 1986 I think it was … We were at the dunes on a club run and I was surprised to see them. I better understand what a whale feels like when being watched by a bunch of whale watchers. lol.

  2. Blaine

    When we kids in the late sixties my brothers and I wanted to ride the big blue dune buggy. Finally maybe as late as 1972 my dad finally decided to spend the money to ride dune buggies. But for some reason we didn’t get the big ones. We rode some little red ones with more of a tube frame. Can’t remember just what they looked like anymore

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