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1945 VEC CJ-2A (77th Produced) — Elkins, Nh eBay


UPDATE: Mike notes the general consensus on this VEC is that maybe only the frame and running gear is from the ’45.

With a serial number of 10,077, this is an early CJ-2A.   Unfortunately, it appears someone spray painted this wildly.  Interestingly, it is missing the tool indents.

“This Jeep is the 77th Civilian Jeep manufactured by Willy’s and includes a ” 3 Point Hitch ” for the Farmers of America. The engine is a “Flat Head 4 cylinder that runs good ….no smoke”. The shift for this jeep is a 3 speed on the column. The tires are new and are mounted on original solid Jeep rims.  The brakes have been worked on. There has been some body work and the Jeep was painted recently. Mechanically the Jeep is in good condition but will require some tinkering (TLC)….”

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3 Comments on “1945 VEC CJ-2A (77th Produced) — Elkins, Nh eBay

  1. Mike Myers

    it has been determined that ONLY the frame and running gear might be 45, the engine and tub are not….

    several people i know have tried to email the owner, he does not sem to answer questions 🙁

  2. deilers

    Thanks for the update Mike. I can’t say that surprises me. I’d certainly want to have a closer look at this one before I bid on it.

    – Dave

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