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Paul Readies His Radiator

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Paul made good progress recently with the radiator installation.  I’ll let him explain …

Paul writes, “During the past few days I’ve been busy scrounging metal, making parts and playing with the welder but the end result is the Willys has an M 151 radiator installed along with a V type firewall to radiator brace and a hood hold open rod.  I also picked up my new radiator from the local military surplus yard in addition to a used shroud and the necessary lower mounts.  The new radiator will reside safely in the house until it’s time to be installed after I quit taking things apart for modifications and redesigns but the size of this radiator is just about perfect for the room available under the hood.  I’ll have to spend some time at the local autoparts store mixing and matching coolant hoses before the engine is plumbed to the radiator and I also have to go shopping for a low profile electric fan (a puller is what I’m hunting for) but both of these tasks can be solved with reasonable amounts of money so I’m feeling pretty good with my progress so far. ”


5 Comments on “Paul Readies His Radiator

  1. Brett

    You could have an audience out front watching you work on the engine using the hood as a mirror like they do on cooking shows. NICE!

  2. paul

    Lets have a party in da hood. The Goddess and I went to the store today and got some Caribou sausage links. Cook up some onions, some Caribou dogs and liquid refreshments sound pretty good to me. Head north, we’ll keep the food hot and the liquids cold for you.


  3. Kevin

    I too…amazed at the craftsmanship. I would like to see it first hand, a bit to far to travel however. I think two propane burners under each front fender would serve as the grill for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Make mine easy over with hash-browns, sausage and coffee….whole wheat toast!

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