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1945 MB Salt Lake City, Ut $8000


Here’s another one from Brett.  This looks in good condition.

“Runs Great  -Heavy duty front and rear end installed. -302 Chevy v8  -Minimal Rust”


3 Comments on “1945 MB Salt Lake City, Ut $8000

  1. Mitch

    Hate to break it to that guy but that’s far from a chevy 302….that be Ford power between those fenders

  2. deilers

    lol .. that distributor does seem to be in the wrong place for a chevy motor!

    I didn’t reeally check this jeep out too closely, because I was pretty wiped by the time I posted this (there has been a spike in jeeps for sale and I figured the seller would never get the asking price anyway), but that front end has seen quite a few fixes and adjustments.

  3. Mitch

    lol…The “Power by Ford” on the valve covers could have been a clue too…. I could see where someone looking at pics on the internet might miss that but………standing over the motor taking pics I gotta believe it’s hard to miss…

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