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1951 M-38 Pearland, TX **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was eBay.

This is Norman.  Norman looks good!

“You are bidding on a 1951 M38 military jeep.  This jeep runs great and the body is in very good condition. There is a small rust spot on the passenger floor board, about the size of a quarter, I included it in the pictures.  The fuel gauge only works when the fuel level gets to 1/2 tank, then it reads accurate. The windshield is cracked due to my nephew sitting on it when I had it down.  The transmission, rear-end, and transfer case work flawlessly transitioning in and out of 4-wheel drive and high/low range.  The engine starts on first crank and always has. All fluid levels are up to date and get checked routinely. My uncle sold it to my brother and I purchased it from him 2 years ago.  I drive the jeep twice per week, once to take my son bird hunting, the other to his baseball game on Thursday nights (approx. 3 miles).  It is not street legal so I take it through the neighborhood by my house staying off of the highway. My wife’s car has been sitting out too long and she wants her spot back in the garage and my third garage door only measures 62 inches wide, not wide enough; that is the only reason I am selling it.  I tried to locate a title but was unable to do so, the process is simple to acquire a bonded title but cost approx. $150 depending on the value of the vehicle, I did not take this step due to the cost and the amount of time to get it back from the DOT, plus I never needed it to be street legal. The odometer reads 44, 304 miles, not sure if thats accurate.”


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